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Vision Realty Centers

33137 Schoolcraft Road Livonia, Mi 48150

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Utilizing the MOST marketing for our agents & Technology for our New Listings.

SEE why we are 100+ agents strong in Michigan and growing.

Being part of the Vision Realty Centers network puts us in a formidable pipeline of information with offices throughout Michigan, including access to state of the art technology at every step in the process and a dominant online presence in the industry. Vision Realty Centers’ 100+ agents are best described as a diverse group of professionals highly qualified to work with any type of buyer or seller at every price point. If you or someone you know is interested in a career in real estate, please contact us today! Vision Realty Centers (VRC) was established February 1, 2010 in Livonia Michigan. We employ over 100 licensed Realtors and currently adding to our roster almost weekly. In just 4 short years we have opened 4 locations for your convenience, with the intentions of opening close to 30 offices across the State of Michigan by 2025. Our company was founded by Jon Eckerly (Broker/Owner) and is still a family owned business. We decided to change the real estate paradigm by actually allowing our agents to keep more of their commissions. This allows them to put more money back in to their advertising to grow their business and at the same time create more effective marketing tools for their listings on the market. During our inception, we took our top producers and we analyzed the companies we had worked for in the past and we looked at three different things….. 1) What were these companies doing that we liked? 2) What were these companies doing that we didn’t like? and 3) What were these companies missing? After our analysis, we created a business model for our agents that is second to none. In fact, we are one of the fastest growing companies in the State of Michigan! “I’m not the smartest person in the company, but I am smart enough to hire people smarter than me” is a quote occasionally heard from Jon Eckerly (Owner). With that being said, we’ve put together a team of “Super Techies, Designers, and Trainers” to build our company…. After all, we’re not out to be average, we’re out to be the best! We are a young energetic company created in Michigan for Michigan. We’re not stuck with the Traditional Brokerage mentality. That’s why so many agents are leaving their Traditional Brokerages to come to Vision. At VRC we build technology, in fact we have more technology than almost any Real Estate Company you can name… List your home with us and we promise you will be amazed with the website we will build for your house along with the professional marketing that only VRC provides! Current Locations LIVONIA | PLYMOUTH | HOLLY | LINDEN