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Beacon Messaging for Property LISTINGS will bring THOUSANDS of visitors to My Real Estate Genie Website to look at properties for Sale, Lease, or Rent 117,620 Impressions 1,960 devices 588 clicks - Wixom Mi 92,023 Impressions 1,315 devices 526 clicks Royal Oak , MI 28,835 Impressions 493 devices 180 clicks - Moving Vehicle , Plano Tx 35,441 Impressions 610 devices 153 clicks - Farmington Hills Mi 29,912 Impressions 502 devices 171 clicks - Plymouth Mi 121,253 Impressions 1683 devices 567 clicks - South Lyon, Mi

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Beacon Mobile Messaging – How Does it Work?

How does the messaging device talk to mobile phones?

  • The Beacon sends a low frequency Blue tooth signal up to 650′ from the device.  The messages POPULATE silent notifications on All ANDROID devices.  WE now can deliver messages to nearby mobile users without the use of a mobile app.  66% of mobile users today are ANDROID and its climbing.  65% of mobile users leave their Bluetooth ON because of syncing with phones, audio devices, and automobiles.  Bluetooth also does not kill your battery life like WiFi or GPS location does.

Where can I use my mobile messaging device?

  • Your listing
  • Your car
  • Your office
  • On your person

Where is the best place to put my device for maximum messaging?

  • On your listing – On a window (about 7′ high is optimal)  facing the outside where you believe has the best access to people walking or vehicles driving by.
  • On your person – In your pocket or purse.
  • In your vehicle – On the center and top of the windshield or rear window inside the vehicle.
  • In your office – On an inside window facing the parking lot or neighboring parking lots.  Whichever has the most traffic.

How am I contacted by the person that receives the message?

  • The programmed beacon message allows us to send a specific TITLE and description.  THAT grabs the readers attention, they just touch the message (which is LINKED to the Property Listing Page or Your Profile Page) on their notification screen and it directs them to the landing page linked.
  • Our landing pages are responsive and have ONE CLICK contact Call, Text, or Email to you.

If I sign up for multiple beacons, is there a discount?

  • YES, there is a discount for buying 10 beacons or more.  Beacons are  $499 / year each unless you buy 10 or more in your group in which case they are $300 / year each. Included are ongoing programming changes and UNLIMITED messaging and clicks to your listings, we are already priced fairly!

My Real Estate Genie – My Subscription

Q- Who will do the setup?

Q- What if I want to change the information?

Q- Is there a cost for changing the information?

Q- Can I get a two (2) year agreement?

Q- Can I track how many people visit my listings and profile pages?

Q- How is the beacon activated?

Q- How is the beacon powered?

Q- What if the battery runs out?

Q- How will I know to check on battery?

Q- What do I do with my beacon my agreement ends?

Q- Can the beacon be placed outside be used outside in the weather?

Q- Does weather affect my beacon?

Q- How do I access my account?

Q- What if I want to extend my one (1) year agreement?

Q- Can the beacon be blocked?

Q- Does the beacon work with all types of networks, such as IOS, Android, Windows?

Q- How long will the message remain on someone’s phone?

Q- Does the beacon always have to be placed near a window?

Q- Will the beacon work in my vehicle while moving?

Q- Does the vehicle have to be parked/stopped to receive service?

Q- What will obstruct the service signal of the beacon?